Teachers negotiating professional agency: Study of a teacher education programme

Exploring teacher agency and reflective practice

This project aims to examine how graduates of the Bachelors of Elementary Education (B.El.ED) programme learn to cultivate and negotiate professional agency as teachers. Teacher agency is examined with reference to three critical aspects of the programme. The first part of the research examines the impact of the B.El.Ed programme within a socio-historical and educational context. This involves creating a database of B.El.Ed alumni and collating individual narratives of select alumni who have entered schools as teachers and in higher education institutes as researchers and teacher educators. The second part explores the evolving discourse and practice of Storytelling and Children’s Literature (STCL) over the years – a critical component of the programme – via engagement with existing and former faculty and B.El.Ed alumni. An attempt will also be made to study the impact of online teaching on STCL as a relational activity, heavily dependent on collaborative and dialogic learning.  The third part examines how Self Development Workshops (SDW) and the course on Human Relations and Communication (HRC) – critical components of the programme – influence and shape the personal, professional and social lives of pre-service students and B.El.Ed alumni. It also aims to document the professional journeys of faculty facilitating SDW and HRC. The outcomes of the project include written reports, creation of videos, web resources and an illustrated book. Data will be collated from all eight colleges that offer the programme. This research will draw heavily on narrative analysis to gain deeper and nuanced understanding of the journeys of student-teachers, teacher educators and B.El.Ed alumni.

Key Words:Teacher Agency, Narratives, Storytelling, Children’s Literature, Self Development, Elementary Education, B.El.Ed alumni, Teacher Educators, School Teachers

Key Themes:
Teacher Agency, Higher Education
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Dr. Chhaya Sawhney
Dr. Prachi Kalra and  Dr. Monica Gupta

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